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Arrieta Glassworks

Cartoon of HeronSunset by Carol Eaton Arrieta

Welcome to Arrieta Glassworks!

Are you looking for a stained glass piece for your home or business? Do you have something specific you would like created? Check out our Gallery of works to see if an existing work fits the bill, or let us design and create your piece to your specifications. .

Or perhaps you are a glass hobbyist and need help creating a pattern for a specific project. Arrieta Glassworks will work with you to create and print the pattern for that special project. Contact us with your ideas and we can help.

Arrieta Glassworks:

Who is Arrieta Glassworks? Carol Arrieta is a glass hobbyist, but has been making glass projects for friends and family for over 3 years. She is a lover of art of all kinds and a bit of a technical whiz as well, so blending her talents to create this website seemed a natural progression. The patterns on display on the Pattern page are by Carol (unless otherwise noted).

If you are need a specific design created for your home or business, please contact us. Custom glass work will be priced based on size and complexity of the final work.

Online Gallery:

Please go to our Online Gallery to see current works.

Pattern Design: :

Perhaps as an artist you have a specific window or other glass project you would like to create, but do not have a pattern to follow. We can take your provided artwork or photo and create a pattern for you. Please go to our Pattern page to see what we can do for you.

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